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The most useful document I’ve seen in 3 months…

Posted by wpconservation on July 24, 2009

If you’re interested in solar cooling or “sorption” (Ab or Ad) based cooling, especially on a small scale (under 20 kW, i.e. under 6 tons), this PDF is the most useful item you might see in a long time.  I know it certainly was for me, as it took a lot of technologies I’ve been looking at for months and gave me their vital statistics all on one sheet.


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What it’s all about

Posted by wpconservation on July 3, 2009

This site is designed to help interested professionals, innovators, tech junkies and other curious folk find links and commentary about innovations and institutions in the Solar Thermal field.  It’s nowhere near complete, but that just means that we have work to do; If you’ve got comments, ideas, things to share, rants or raves, feel free to share ’em.  That’s what it’s all about.

The information itself, by the way, is in “pages” that you can navigate to on the toolbar underneath the site’s title bar.

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